Cheetah is the work of many volunteers. If you use Cheetah, share your experiences, tricks, customizations, and frustrations. Please join the mailing list.


Help spread the word: blog about it, write articles about it, recommend it to others, etc.

Bug reports and patches

If you think there is a bug in Cheetah, send a message to the email list with the following information:

  1. a description of what you were trying to do and what happened
  2. all tracebacks and error output
  3. your version of Cheetah
  4. your version of Python
  5. your operating system
  6. whether you have changed anything in the Cheetah installation

Example sites and tutorials

If you're developing a website with Cheetah, please send a link to the email list so we can keep track of Cheetah sites. Also, if you discover new and interesting ways to use Cheetah please share your experience and write a quick tutorial about your technique.

Test cases

Cheetah is packaged with a regression testing suite that is run with each new release to ensure that everything is working as expected and that recent changes haven't broken anything. The test cases are in the Cheetah.Tests module. If you find a reproduceable bug please consider writing a test case that will pass only when the bug is fixed. Send any new test cases to the email list with the subject-line "new test case for Cheetah."

Cheetah was created by Tavis Rudd, a freelance programmer and designer, with contributions from many open source volunteers.
Its documentation is edited by Mike Orr, who also wrote its command line tool. Logo